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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Canada!!

To all my Canadian bloggers out there, Happy Canada Day.

That's right July 1st is Canada Day and there will be a lot of things going on today. A lot of bbqs, parties, activities for the kids and of course lots of fireworks. So, I'm wishing everyone a safe, happy and great extra long weekend for those who get it!

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  1. Hi DQ, Happy 1st of July to you and your family. Congrats to the expecting couple, is that the same couple that you did the 1st anniversary cross stitched hanging for? Baby showers are so much fun and that baby cake is HUGE it's a great way to get all the little things. Cute card also. *Giggles* you through me with your title 'Time of the Month' but after reading it sounds like a great challenge. Your creativness is beautiful and it shows through all the projects you make.