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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve!!

Well, this is it, New Years Eve and I'm ending the year with a November mingle card that Carol Meadows made for me. Isn't it wonderful, thank you so much Carol.

In all honesty since I've come back from my vacation, I just haven't had the motivation to do anything, hopefully I'll get my mojo back.

I told you yesterday that I would have to think about my New Years resolution. Of course, you have the usual ones that everyone makes every year and lasts for about a month, you know, the Losing weight, Going to the gym, Quit smoking etc......I decided that I only have one that I really want to work on, and that's to blog on My Stitching Corner at least once a week. From the time I started that blog in April, I've only made 5 entrees, and haven't done any cross Stitching. I hope to change all of that.

Well, I guess it's out with the old and in with the new, for some, 2010 was a wonderful year, while for others not so great, either way, I do hope that 2011 is a Great and Prosperous year!!


  1. Your mingle card is adorable! Have a safe and happy New Year!!
    hugs, Sharon

  2. Happy New Year's to you too Dee! I hope you enjoy the card and the images as well. The last few months have been a kicker for me.... been sick alot and just return home from the hospital with gastrointestinasitus(?)with fever 104! Not fun! Then work as a mail carrier it is crazy this time of year. January will have lots of packages with people using their Christmas money. Take care! Carol M in TX